There are many ways you can support the work of Basic UMC. Beyond monetary donations, we accept donations of clothing, food, personal care products, school supplies, produce, and more.

While we work on a digital method of giving, you may mail checks to:

Basic UMC,  PO Box 2447, Waynesboro VA 22980.

If you would like your money to go to a specific ministry, please indicate that ministry in the “notes” field of your check. Your contribution may be tax-deductible (check with a certified accountant). We will acknowledge your contribution with a receipt.

Monetary support: Times are hard for many people in our community. They turn to us for support. As a lighthouse of hope in our community, we serve an average of 200 free meals each week, provide personal care products, offer after-school tutoring, stock a clothing closet for adults and operate a free clothing store for teens and children, and offer our grounds for use as a community garden. None of these ministries can exist without financial support.

Professional services: We spend as little money as possible on the upkeep and daily operation of our church, choosing instead to invest what money we do have in improving the lives of our neighbors. For this reason, church members volunteer to clean the church, mow the lawn, and do basic repairs. However, there are some services our church members do not have the skills or time to supply. We welcome the partnership of businesses and individuals who can help us stretch our money and time by taking on some of the things we simply do not have the experience or expertise to do. Some of our particular needs at this time include digital media services and simple maintenance.

Food: Join local businesses, grocery stores, and restaurants in making sure no one goes hungry in our community. We accept most types of food donations, and can arrange for pick-up.


Clothes: We operate a vibrant clothing ministry for students in need and those in foster care. Across the United States, students are often ridiculed and bullied because they do not have the “right” clothes. Given the amount of clothes sold at local retail outlets, we don’t understand why any student should be teased for not having quality, fashionable clothing. We accept donations of clothing, shoes and boots, outerwear, accessories, and personal care products which are given to students through our church and other local charities.

To ensure we have enough stock to meet the need, we conduct ongoing clothing drives through partnerships with other churches, businesses, and individuals.

We also accept monetary donations which are used to ensure that no child comes to our closet and walks away without something that fits.


Personal care products: When people are forced to make a choice between the basic elements of survival, items like shampoo, soap, and deodorant are not always high on the list of needs. We help our friends and neighbors maintain their dignity and feel good about themselves by stocking a supply closet filled with new, un-opened personal care products.

Socks and Gloves: Many people in our community spend their days — and even nights — on their feet. For those that do not have sufficient shelter from the cold or live in sub-standard housing, warm socks are not just a nice thing to have, they are a necessity. Help provide warmth and comfort to someone by donating a pair of socks or gloves.
School and office supplies: Paper. Pencils. Scientific calculators. OH MY! Supplying a student with the essentials required to ensure they are ready for a day of school takes a lot of money. Often, families in our community simply do not have sufficient funds. Their students are ridiculed by peers and, in cases where the teacher is not aware of the need, have even be penalized for not having a pencil or lined paper. We stock at School Supply Closet where local students can get what they need when they need it.

Garden supplies, seeds, and seedlings: We try to be the best stewards of what God has graciously provided as possible. For that reason, we set aside a portion of our church grounds for use as a Community Garden. You can support this initiative by donating soil and amendments, seedlings, seeds, and tools. We are also seeking the help of professional landscapers and agriculturalists in expanding our existing garden.

Produce: Many members of our church family and the surrounding community work in nearby orchards or on local farms. Though they often do not have the financial means to support the church, they help ensure our ongoing stability by partnering with their supervisors to bring gleaned produce to us. We use these donations to feed up to 200 people each week, as well as to make jams, jellies, sauces, and other products to be sold and distributed through our Basic Goodness program. All monies from the sale of Basic Goodness products supports the ministries and mission work of Basic UMC and is invested directly in making life better for our friends and neighbors.

Homes: We partner with clergy members throughout our area to purchase and rehabilitate local residences which are then sold at below-market cost to people who are working hard to get back on their feet. This group holds the notes on these houses and works with the purchasers to offer realistic monthly payment plans. In a few cases, we have been gifted homes, which cuts our costs dramatically.